Help a Spirit of Vengeance out

So, if you’ve been paying attention to comic news lately (and I would not for a moment fault you if you haven’t), then you’ve probably heard about Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich’s legal woes. In a bid to erase the world’s collective memory that people, not the ethereal blob that is Marvel, are the ones that create characters, Gary has been ordered to forget that he created Ghost Rider. Along with the $17,000 he’s being forced to pay out, Gary is in a bit of a pickle.

All things aside, whether you agree with the legal outcome or not, Mr. Friedrich is one of comic’s valued creators and is in need of some financial help. Brandon Graham and I have decided to have 100% of the proceeds for the next ten pages of our original art (ten Orc Stain and ten King City) go to Steve Niles excellent fundraiser for Gary Friedrich.

Click here for more info, and to buy pages.

A big thanks to Robin McConnell for setting all this up.

Anyway, Orc Stain #7 is off at the printers and should be out in the coming weeks. Here’s a collection of things I’ve done since I last updated in the early Ming Dynasty.

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17 Responses to Help a Spirit of Vengeance out

  1. Stephen says:

    Orc Stain #7 in a few weeks? Praise be to the gods! I know it’s a little early to ask but how long is it looking for an issue 8 release?

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  3. Martin says:

    My brain! Love the art, and love the gesture you made to Friedrich. Also, that fashion shot with all the cock…brilliant.

  4. John Dominguez says:

    Please make Marvel publish that Spiderman story!! And the Bowie pinup looks amazing! Now if you would just throw up some sketches of Gatsu from Berserk?

  5. Rev. Revan says:

    my BRRAAAAAAAAAIN! great news in the end, as marvel is now part of dsiney, it’s even worse than it use to be, i guess

  6. King says:

    Wooh! Can’t wait! Having recently been told that my order of volume one could take quite awhile finding out my Orc Stain fix is just around the corner is amazing!

  7. Doug says:

    Your work continues to amaze.

  8. revan says:


  9. Fnic says:

    Bought my favourite page! Orc Stain Issue 2 Page 26. I absolutely love the can-drink-creature that screams when you open it!

    Everything else is looking wowzamazing! Really like the costume in Spider Nam.

  10. Ryan King says:

    Bought my copy today and loved every bit of it! You have no idea how happy it makes me when I see a page with eleven panels on it. Haven’t seen that in a laaaaaaaaaaaong time. Reminded me of Miyazaki’s Nausicaa comics. Thanks man, keep up the great work!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dude you should do some orc stain t-shirts!!!

  12. Brian Evinou says:

    Hey man, you selling those Bowie pinups? I would be very interested in one of those!

  13. Andriy says:

    May be a little off topic but,
    I love to read Orc Stain and I am your big fan (by the way I am from Ukraine)
    so for me is a little difficult to get issues of Orc Stain and all TPB is alredy sold,
    so the question is do you are planing to release Orc Stain in Hardcover???
    Because he totally deserves this! And if you are planing it which issues woud it include ??
    Will be very grateful for the response )

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  15. John says:

    Orc stain is what got me into comics, and I couldn’t put them down now if i wanted too. Keep up the great work!

  16. cheap plan says:

    I doubt I have it in me to keep up with managing a site like yours!
    Awesome piece of work and I absolutely would like to see you maintain the quality for a long time.

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