The Dirty Thirties






Collab w/ Steve Orlando for Think of a City


Godzilla in Hell #1godzillainhell-cover

godzillainhell-01 godzillainhell-02-03 godzillainhell-04 godzillainhell-05 godzillainhell-06

Silver Surfer Battleworld shortsilversurfercover4



Covers n thingsbirthrightmodokcover hulkcover devildinocover drax howardcover gwendusa pokerface dredd gojirahc-cover screamer warhammerpencils-01 warhammer-02



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5 Responses to The Dirty Thirties

  1. Fnic says:

    Amazing (as usual)! And glad to see you’re still alive and posting.

  2. Fnic says:

    Oh, forgot to say, love the Marvel chars, but my fav is your Dredd! Although your Lockjaw (from the Inhumans ?) is also incredible. You should do some prints! They’d sell like hot cakes.

  3. Lester says:

    Make more orc stain

  4. Hello your WP theme doesnt seem to show up under the browser DEMONECROMANCY 96 I suspect its a problem coming from WP or your WP theme

  5. James, Wouldn’t Orc Stain make a kick ass TV series?

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