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Move Over Rover, And Let Jimmy Take Over

Some Godzilla covers for you… Here’s an interview I did for Newsarama about all that good G stuff Plus some newish and oldish Orc Stain ish… Oh, hey. A Kroot!

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Bodymore Murdaland

I got wrangled for an interview over on CBR for the release of the trade of Orc Stain (which is out NOW, along with the new Strange Tales I’m in along with many other crazy talented people), so here’s the … Continue reading

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This week, the ancient terrible star gods saw fit to deem me my annual ‘leaving of the house’, so with gunny sack and 2 weeks C-rations in hand, I made my way over to the Inkstuds/ radio show for their fundraiser thingy. I was … Continue reading

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