Nukes Knives Sharp Sticks

















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12 Responses to Nukes Knives Sharp Sticks

  1. Please give us a release date for the next Orc Stain! My gronch can hardly wait!

  2. Fnic says:

    Amazing as always! Absolutely love the last prints with the black background!

  3. kelvingreen says:


  4. John Dominguez says:

    fucking A man! Your art just gets better and better. I would love to see how you do your colors. Are you making any appearances at conventions this year?

  5. Connor says:

    You can’t imagine how happy I am to see Orc Stain getting some much needed loving.

  6. Is Orc Stain over for good?

  7. Tomya says:

    I am in love with your comics, I’ve read Vol 1 of Orc Stain, Volumes 1 & 2 of Won Ton Soup, and your run of Godzilla. I’ve just got to ask, is there an estimated release date for Volume 2 of Orc Stain? I see you’ve gotten to work on issue 6, and it looks great! How many issues will there be in this trade? I’ve been eagerly awaiting Volume 2, and of course I don’t want to rush you, after all, the artwork you create is unlike any other and I can’t even fathom how many man hours have to go into making just one panel, I’m just curious.

  8. J.L. says:

    Keep it up, love your work.

    Can’t wait for the next Orcstain trade paperback.

  9. Sam Zam says:

    I just read issues 1-7 of Orc Stain! Ive been looking up the release for issue 8. When will it be released? Is December of 2015 the right date? Poxa Gronka!

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