Ham ‘N Mutherfuckers

Comic stuff, old and new.

Orc Stain #7 preview…

A super melodramatic Spider-Man in ‘Nam fan comic…

Cover for IDW’s Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths miniseries…

Abandoned idea for a short serialized project…

A much better idea for a short serialized project…

Some random pages for an Orc Stain Bowie one shot…

And finally, a poster for the most excellent Norwegian movie, Troll Hunter…

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35 Responses to Ham ‘N Mutherfuckers

  1. Fnic says:

    I really like One Eye’s huge hammer from when he had 2 eyes. Although I was wondering why it’s not some kind of beasty like most of the other weapons and items. I have to admit that the canned drink from issue 2 is my favourite item.

    That Troll Hunter poster is amazing!!! Thanks for posting all this great stuff!

  2. John Dominguez says:

    Holy Guacamole! Those pages are amazing! Show us more! more I say! More Godzilla! I want to see how you finally did his breath weapon sound effect. Oh and do you have any Kentaro Miura “Berserk” doodles?

  3. Douglas says:

    Your work is incredible, James. You are one of the most kinetic cartoonists I have ever seen. Keep on rocking!

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  5. Cole P says:

    Amazing, you need to make a collection of your insane short stories! Do we know when issue 7 of Orc Stain is coming out?! and plleaassee pleaassee pleaaaaaaaase tell me that Bowie one shot is happening!?!?

  6. bmarch says:

    I think my brain just shit in my skull.


    “Spider-nam”: I LOVE IT!! Is this actually going to be published somewhere/time? Damn clever idea, a “What-If?” with some real grit! You must now be completely crippled with carpal-tunnel syndrome from that poster…which would make a really great poster to buy and frame and hang on a wall (HINT HINT). With each issue, ORC STAIN’s world becomes deeper and more lush, both in story-telling crazy-fun and in your artwork. Can’t wait for Issue 7, hehheheheheheheheh!

  7. Jesus man, this Spider Nam gave me the creeps.. .It’s absolutely unbelievable, simply beautiful. Keep up the good work, is awesome!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I would buy the hell out of spider-nam. really clever.

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  10. Ravenhallow says:

    Hot damn, my brain doth overflow from all that goodness. Can’t wait for the next Orc Stain, some of the greatest stuff put on paper.

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  12. Dakota Henry says:

    I really like the idea for the short serialized project. Also, Orc Stain seems amazing.

  13. Zees Moreno says:

    Damn James…You’re on fire man. I love all these pages you put up. Is the Troll Hunter poster for promotion? Or is it for the US release?

    Did you ever use photomerge in photoshop? You can do multiple scans of big pages, then use photomerge to join them and it automatically gets rid of page splits and makes it look crisp. I use that when ever I send pencils to editors.
    Keep it up man, you’re inspiring!

  14. Eric says:

    Your stuff is so awesome! Can’t wait for a Bowie one off. I ‘d love to buy that last page that you posted from that when it is done, if that is possible. Love your art and I can’t get enough!

  15. You are my new favorite comic guy!
    Simon Roy got my hopes up that you and Brandon would be at Calgary last weekend!
    and then he revealed that you’d both probably ditch out anyway, 😦

    but I found a copy of the Orcstain trade regardless!! so I am happy! 🙂
    It’s absolutely genius and a very fun read.

    Look forward to see more of your work, Take it eassy

  16. Darbo says:

    Hey, I really dig your comic! I have the TPB for Orc Stain and can’t wait to pick up the 2nd whenever it comes out (any idea when?). I think the art, the coloring, the characters and the story is pretty sweet. Its cool to see a great comic thats made in Canada. Anyway, just wanted to say I’m a fan, and appreciate your awesome work! Thanks.


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  18. Wei Ingnan says:

    looks like a good read as always….planning on funneling some overtime monies into picking up the latest issues of Orc Stain and yer new Godzilla stuff

    watched Troll Hunter last night..it was actually pretty good…hope they use yer poster for the NA release….did you get to watch any of the movie in prep for the poster?

  19. Laney says:

    Too good for words.

    Are you gunna do any cons anytime soon? Or in the future?

  20. Geoff says:

    I’m a relatively new fan. Just discover your work through Orc Stain. It rocks, I went back and bought Won Ton Soup… that rocks too, although your work definitely can be better appreciated on a large format. That just made me think, how about an oversized special edition of Orc Stain? or anything you draw for that matter. I’ll be buying it all from here on out. Keep on truckin.

  21. What’s the status of Orc Stain? They didn’t pull a Tokyopop on you did they? I’ve been waiting for months!

  22. Thespen Lodharson says:

    Excellent work, sir.

    I would kill for a Stokoe done, Spidey comic O_o

  23. Anonymous says:

    Where the hell is issue #7????

  24. Victor Cordova says:

    POXA GRONKA on Stokoe! I need more Orc Stain!!!

  25. Mr Stokoe I just wanted to say I love the idea of Spider-Nam. I seen one image from it as a wallpaper and had a look into your work leading me here I just wanted to leave a comment and thank you.

  26. Magnus says:

    is this blog dead or are you just hibernating ?… pls keep it running! . this stuff is one of a kind !

  27. hello! i just finished reading orc stain #6 and i must say, its amazing! great great work!! i can’t wait to read more. greetings from chile!

  28. Ryan King says:

    I miss Orc Stain… What happened?? Issue six finally arrived from a six-month hiatus and now… now we’re stuck in Poxa Gronka limbo… Did Mr. Stokoe die? Does anyone know? Not like I’m trying to start any rumors or anything but seriously, did he fucking die? The way things are looking Bleeding Cool or Comics Alliance will report how a nearby neighbor found Stokoe dead in his home after months without contact… dear Dog, I hope this isn’t true. Please, please! someone squash this rumor already! Man… I miss Orc Stain… and Mr. Stokoe… ='(

  29. Anonymous says:

    oh come on! numer 7’s due 26 december…come oN! hope!

  30. Nevin says:

    So I’m wondering where one can actually purchase your comics My. Stokoe? I love your (for you I’m sure very time consuming) work, and maybe someday I can actually buy one of the original drawings. But until I’m flush with that kind of cash, some basic issues would be nice. Ideally I want to buy every issues released thus far, I know there’s six, and have it actually support your fine artistry rather than the ebayer.

  31. BW says:

    Great work James! Such richly detailed, juicy, ridiculous drawrings/story. Eagerly awaiting Orc Stain #7…

  32. Who Care says:

    So… when am I going to be able to find Vol. 2?

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  35. Faustus Mitternacht says:

    I’m a cartoonist, not an artist, but I drew a comic strip about grunts in the Nam and I gave US Army 10 years. I’d like to take your concept and use it with your permission in some fan fiction.

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