Every day I’m Tumblin’

Helloooooooooooooooooooooo cowboys,

I have finally joined the innumerable ranks of the Tumblrites. They are Legion, and there is no hope of resisting them. I’ll be posting mostly sketchy/unfinished/older stuff on there, while keeping this blog for shiny, new, clean things. Go check it out!


Haha, nevermind.

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12 Responses to Every day I’m Tumblin’

  1. Julius says:

    Ah man. It’s about time. Can’t wait for this Godzilla book to come out. I’m sure it will be a treat!

  2. jason says:

    dude,just tell me the truth, i cant take it anymore; is orcstain done?

  3. Wes says:

    Amazing work! You cannot post enough! Want more of Sullivan’s Sluggers!!! 🙂

  4. Julius says:

    Hello Mister Stokoe. I wrote a nice review of Godzilla over at One Geek Nation. Check it out and share it with the world. http://www.onegeeknation.com/2012/08/08/godzilla-half-century-war-1/

  5. HI Mr.Stokoe,
    I’m a real fan of your work, I met you and your charming wife at the spartan comicon vancouver, but money is really tight lately for me ( especially because of my comic art addiction…right here in the arm please…) Would you consider something in trade? I have some nice original art, or some key comic book issues? I’d love to be able to hang something next to the swamp witch you doodled for me.

  6. Mas says:

    I love your tumblr for all the awesome art. Hate your tumblr for the total lack of being able to tell you so on there. lol.

    You are killing it on Godzilla! And if that double pager of Orc Stain is any indication, it looks like we’ll have some Stokoe goodness once Godzilla is done with!

  7. JAMES-

    yer shit rulz. i love your comix

    – Scott

  8. Ryan says:

    your shit is fucking dope. and i don’t use the word dope. so, that must mean something. fuck, man. moooore!

  9. don’t know what happened to your tumblr, but know that i’m patiently and eagerly awaiting the next hot slice of gronch in my face…. just an fyi. you rule! also, wonton soup prices are skyrocketing. any plans on a third book/reprints?

    • Rob says:

      yup da tumbler is down…
      I got a b-day coming up and I have ordered my minions to buy something of yours. ( yes my mother did object to being named a minion )

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