Ringworm, Impetigo, Malaria, Amebic Dysentery and Crotch Rot

So, the fantastic and enormously talented Sloane Leong asked me to contribute to a sci-fi themed art show entitled XENOMORPHS, and this is what I came up with.

The show opens tomorrow night, so if you find yourself in Portland, be sure to check it out. Some really great pieces in there.

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Move Over Rover, And Let Jimmy Take Over

Some Godzilla covers for you…

Here’s an interview I did for Newsarama about all that good G stuff http://www.newsarama.com/comics/james-stokoe-godzilla-attacks.html

Plus some newish and oldish Orc Stain ish…

Oh, hey. A Kroot!

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Only Masers Can Keep Us Apart

Hello all, time to dust off the ol’ blog.

A couple of exciting things have happened since I last posted. Firstly, I am doing a motherfluffing GODZILLA COMIC for IDW.

Godzilla is something that has been near and dear to me since I was about 5 years old, so this a dream come true for me. Godzilla: The Half Century War (written and drawn by myself, with coloring assists by the wonderful Heather Breckel) is going to be a 5 issue mini, about a group of soldiers who have to test experimental weapons on Godzilla. Each issue takes place a decade after the last, all over the world, so I get to play with Godzilla through the ages. I promise Mothra hippies, drill tanks, and a proper monster showdown in Antarctica. The first issue comes out in August, so keep your eyegrapes peeled.


Now, as I disappear into the abyss, I leave you with some upcoming Orc Stain pages. The 1st volume trade (issues 1-5) is being reprinted as I type, so it should be available again very soon.

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Help a Spirit of Vengeance out

So, if you’ve been paying attention to comic news lately (and I would not for a moment fault you if you haven’t), then you’ve probably heard about Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich’s legal woes. In a bid to erase the world’s collective memory that people, not the ethereal blob that is Marvel, are the ones that create characters, Gary has been ordered to forget that he created Ghost Rider. Along with the $17,000 he’s being forced to pay out, Gary is in a bit of a pickle.

All things aside, whether you agree with the legal outcome or not, Mr. Friedrich is one of comic’s valued creators and is in need of some financial help. Brandon Graham and I have decided to have 100% of the proceeds for the next ten pages of our original art (ten Orc Stain and ten King City) go to Steve Niles excellent fundraiser for Gary Friedrich.

Click here for more info, and to buy pages.

A big thanks to Robin McConnell for setting all this up.

Anyway, Orc Stain #7 is off at the printers and should be out in the coming weeks. Here’s a collection of things I’ve done since I last updated in the early Ming Dynasty.

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Ham ‘N Mutherfuckers

Comic stuff, old and new.

Orc Stain #7 preview…

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Dongs for Dollars

My good friend and Inkstuds comics radio host Robin McConnell has graciously started an estore for a bunch of my original Orc Stain pages, along with some most excellent Brandon Graham pages.



If there’s a page you don’t see in the store that tickles your fancy, just drop me a comment or email me ( stokoe.james@gmail.com) and I will rummage through the stacks to see if I still have it.

Spread the good word and help put tasty fried goods in my belly

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Hello all,

Been an age since the last update, but I’ve been working my tiny tits off and trying to keep this damnable addictive internet at an arms length.

Orc Stain #6 is out today with #7 close on it’s heels to being done. I’ve been doing a ton of side work lately, most of which I cannot show off yet but all of it incredibly exciting to work on. I leave you now with some various Orc Stains and odds ‘n ends.

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Nasty Gubbins

Oh hey, some stuff! Short and sweet.

Page from issue 6 of Orc Stain. There will be plenty of goo piles, jelly bellies and orc fueled testosterone.

Some pages from a Wonton Soup spin off that’s been flitting around in limbo for a while. Most of the pages need to be reworked, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to finish it sometime this year.

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Bodymore Murdaland

I got wrangled for an interview over on CBR for the release of the trade of Orc Stain (which is out NOW, along with the new Strange Tales I’m in along with many other crazy talented people), so here’s the result.


Also, here’s a Bowie pinup for the back of #6.

She’s probably the only main character whose genitals I haven’t drawn yet, so now that’s settled. FUN FACT!: Her name ‘Bowie Yaramund’ is a lazy half-anagram of Bowie (pr: BOO-WEE) Maryland, where I lived for a little while. Fancy that!

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Nomad of the Domes

Hello all. I come bearing comics.

I thought I would share this one because it feels like a prototype to a lot of ideas in Orc Stain. The main character here, Nomad, shares a lot of the qualities of the Shakatuu… a big wispy, robed figure with gross spaghetti noodle arms. The ‘telephone’ towers I cannibalized for issue 4 (though, looking back I wish I had kept the little squid dudes inside of them) and the Gene-mules will be featured in later issues.

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