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Ham ‘N Mutherfuckers

Comic stuff, old and new. Orc Stain #7 preview…

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Dongs for Dollars

My good friend and Inkstuds comics radio host Robin McConnell has graciously started an estore for a bunch of my original Orc Stain pages, along with some most excellent Brandon Graham pages.   If there’s a page you don’t … Continue reading

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Hello all, Been an age since the last update, but I’ve been working my tiny tits off and trying to keep this damnable addictive internet at an arms length. Orc Stain #6 is out today with #7 close on it’s … Continue reading

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Nasty Gubbins

Oh hey, some stuff! Short and sweet. Page from issue 6 of Orc Stain. There will be plenty of goo piles, jelly bellies and orc fueled testosterone. Some pages from a Wonton Soup spin off that’s been flitting around in limbo … Continue reading

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Bodymore Murdaland

I got wrangled for an interview over on CBR for the release of the trade of Orc Stain (which is out NOW, along with the new Strange Tales I’m in along with many other crazy talented people), so here’s the … Continue reading

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The Orc Don’t Fit

Here’s some bits that got cut out of the upcoming Orc Stain trade. About 10 pages in and the end still nowhere near in sight, there was no way I could fit it in/finish it in time. The story plan … Continue reading

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Unass my AO!

I’ve alluded a bunch of times to the Deep Jungle in Orc Stain, but have never had the chance to actually show it. So here’s a younger One-Eye mucking through the deep with a gang of rough n’ ready jungle … Continue reading

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Strangest of Tales

Robot 6 just posted a preview of the newest issue of Marvel’s Strange Tales, which will be flouncing on well toned legs into stores this December 8th. I’ve got a four page Silver Surfer short in there, along with many other … Continue reading

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First Stain.

Hello world. I’ve decided the planets have aligned correctly to break radio silence from the wilds of the internet and try to maintain a regular blog. You’ll find mostly Orc Stain related giblets here, I would wager, but I imagine other things will pop … Continue reading

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