Deep Striking

Update time, hold on to your asses. Put your butts in your butt-holsters.


My Godzilla series wrapped up quasi-recently, and the trade is out now. I had tons-o-fun working on that book, and am finally allowed into the official Godzilla clubhouse parties they throw every year at Bohemian Grove! After a brief break to sort some shit out, I’m back to working on Orc Stain the 7000 page Selfish Dolphin tome, but I’ve got new things to show.

First off, I was lucky enough to snag another movie poster from that gang of ruffians at Magnet. This time it was V/H/S/2, more specifically the Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto directed ‘Safe Haven’ segment. I got pretty stoked for this one after seeing the screener, as it turned to be the best horror story I’ve seen for at least a decade.



My friend, Robin Bougie, also let me do a cover for his excellent Cinema Sewer magazine, so I put down my snifter of 20 year scotch, removed my velvet smoking jacket and did this.


I really love all the raw enthusiasm Bougie puts into this book, and he draws some fine smut as well.

Here’s a cover I did for the reprint of Cullen Bunn and Joelle Jones Helheim #2.


And some other shit (most of it from my now defunct tumblr harhar)…






And a horse, of course.


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10 Responses to Deep Striking

  1. Cintiaco says:

    where do i find polystyrene collectors

  2. Cintiaco says:

    Need help with environment projects ,it can be any drawing skecth or art of wood,paper,plastic or metal

  3. Fnic says:

    Godzilla was great! First time I read it. Can’t wait to read more Orc Stain!

    Any chance you’d have time to do another cover?

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  5. Kevin Gray says:

    James me and my co-workers at the tattoo shop followed the hell out of your work on Void back in 2005. Recently decided to look you up again and Holy Hell I cant go on stressing how much Im crazy about your work. It has breathed a new fire into my art life. Ive been non-stop drawing for a few days now just from looking at your works. I purchased the Orc Stain Trade and Godzilla HCW. Your a machine dude. My favorite artist to draw inspiration from.

  6. E. Ripley says:

    When can we expect another Orc Stain? I ain’t picky, I’ll take a three month range and shut up and be happy. Sometime before the end of the year? Next spring? Summer?

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  8. Max Brown says:

    James – you are the bomb – when are you going to be releasing your first Warhammer 40K comic series? 😀

  9. Loved the Godzilla mini and am looking forward to more Orc Stain. Is there a website where you sell original art? Also, hope you might make it to Denver Comic Con some year. It’s only been on the map two years and is now amongst the top 5 drawing cons in the U.S.

  10. I saw you did some sketch cards for CBLDF which is awesome, but since I’m already giving them $125, I’d rather give you cash than $75 for a book I already own. I’m with Christopher in wanting a place we can pick up prints and misc, like essential sequential. I totally love your work, and do my best to sell it at my comic shop. Keep feelin’ the magic, I’ll be here to support you!

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