Nasty Gubbins

Oh hey, some stuff! Short and sweet.

Page from issue 6 of Orc Stain. There will be plenty of goo piles, jelly bellies and orc fueled testosterone.

Some pages from a Wonton Soup spin off that’s been flitting around in limbo for a while. Most of the pages need to be reworked, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to finish it sometime this year.

….aaaand an older comic I had on my previous blog a while back. This was done as a pitch for Heavy Metal if I remember correctly, and I don’t think I ever posted it in it’s entirety, so hear it is.

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18 Responses to Nasty Gubbins

  1. Fnic says:

    Awesome! Is there going to be a new Wonton soup? When’s Orc Stain 6 out?
    Yes… I need more. Your stuff is addictive… really addictive.

    Oh, and I dig the face of the Silver Surfer at the end of your strange tales episode.

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  3. Aviv says:

    I dig both of these comics. Awesome stuff.

  4. rudolfo666 says:

    I’ve started reading again both Wonton Soup volumes.
    Is this some kind of divine signal?!

  5. Ryan Burton says:

    This is like well-earned crack! Mooooorrreee~

  6. bmarch says:

    Demented fun, hee hee! I especially love how Buttertubs can only talk in mathematics. Genius! The schematics are a riot, too: “back-up intestine/super coil spring”, “brain tendrils”. LAUGH

  7. ludroe says:

    Man, war is such an act of Wonton destruction.

  8. Tom says:

    Ah! Now I’m hungry for eggs!

    Your work is inspired, I look forward to Orc Stain #6

  9. Jakub says:

    can i have a quote on the back of your next book?

    “james stokoe really likes drawing.”

  10. wesofthedead says:

    dood loving this stuff, i just wish i had these in book form in my hands 😦

  11. chriscogdill says:

    Hey, any news on Sullivan’s Sluggers?

  12. Sebastian says:

    Dear Mr. Stokoe,

    Everything you do is amazing. You are the god of comics. Please make more Orc Stain and Murder Bullets.


  13. I just found your stuff for the first time and am totally blown away, the combination of color and your well-defined style is mesmerizing. Really great stuff!

  14. Thespen Lodharson says:

    Awesome stuff! You are by far my favorite cartoonist in comics right now. I love your attention to detail and your vibrant use of colors. I hope Orc Stain makes it to at least a hundred issues!

    By the way, I don’t know if you remember me, but I sent you an e-mail awhile back and I received a fantastic reply from you, I just wanted to say thanks for the reply. I am sorry it’s taken so long (I think I got the e-mail from you in June of ’10) but I have been going through a lot (divorce). I really appreciate it though, I can’t wait for Orc Stain #6, your book is the only comic I look forward to nowadays. Keep up the great work!

  15. Julianne says:

    Release date for Vol .2 Orc Stain??
    I’ve just finished reading the first!! i have to say that you’re work is amazing!!
    So detailed and truley colorful 🙂
    I definatley will be checking out more of your stuff but am on edge to get further in to orc stain. would you reccommend reading the smaller issues?
    A response would be fantastic!
    If not,
    Thank you for your work!! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more

  16. Zaag says:

    James Brandon showed some photos of the Spider-nam comic pretty please will you post some of it on here? I know you did just for personal enjoyment but it just looked really cool.

  17. Tomya says:

    I am in love with your comics, I’ve read Vol 1 of Orc Stain, Volumes 1 & 2 of Won Ton Soup, and your run of Godzilla. I’ve just got to ask, is there an estimated release date for Volume 2 of Orc Stain? I see you’ve gotten to work on issue 6, and it looks great! How many issues will there be in this trade? I’ve been eagerly awaiting Volume 2, and of course I don’t want to rush you, after all, the artwork you create is unlike any other and I can’t even fathom how many man hours have to go into making just one panel, I’m just curious.

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