Bodymore Murdaland

I got wrangled for an interview over on CBR for the release of the trade of Orc Stain (which is out NOW, along with the new Strange Tales I’m in along with many other crazy talented people), so here’s the result.

Also, here’s a Bowie pinup for the back of #6.

She’s probably the only main character whose genitals I haven’t drawn yet, so now that’s settled. FUN FACT!: Her name ‘Bowie Yaramund’ is a lazy half-anagram of Bowie (pr: BOO-WEE) Maryland, where I lived for a little while. Fancy that!

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8 Responses to Bodymore Murdaland

  1. Jay says:

    I thought there would be more hair down there than that.

  2. Fnic says:

    Very cool. Any particular reason for Bowie to be half naked? Does she get it on with One Eye? I also can’t help but notice creatures being impaled in the background, is that a direct result of the half naked Bowie?

    A lot of questions… but one is answered: I totally understand orcs spending all their chits on love nymphs although “poison thrower” is a definite turn off… Am I taking this too far?

  3. Tom says:

    Nice pin-up, but I’m surprised Bowie doesn’t have a mini Zazu down there…

  4. Mr.Sheldon says:

    You have no idea how to draw a pussy. This surprises me…VERY. LITTLE.

  5. Julio says:

    You always amaze me with your colors, and your style. A constant inspiration for me. Keep up the good work and I finally picked up Orc Stain and man, that s**t is wicked.

  6. reagskibop says:

    this stuff is fierce!!! much respect, keep it comin XD

  7. I just rec’d volume 1 of Orc Stain today, which I bought based off of a suggestion, and read cover to cover in about an hour and a half. Your art is amazing, and now forces me to purchase everything you have ever done. Fcking fantastic stuff.

  8. Bowie has always had this air of hippie-chick-meets-Cheshire (from DC Comics) to me, so I have no problem believing that she could have killed some critter half-stoned without realizing that she’d forgot to put pants on.

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