Nomad of the Domes

Hello all. I come bearing comics.

I thought I would share this one because it feels like a prototype to a lot of ideas in Orc Stain. The main character here, Nomad, shares a lot of the qualities of the Shakatuu… a big wispy, robed figure with gross spaghetti noodle arms. The ‘telephone’ towers I cannibalized for issue 4 (though, looking back I wish I had kept the little squid dudes inside of them) and the Gene-mules will be featured in later issues.

I remember starting this when I was staying with my good friend and dire nemesis Sheldon Vella. I was making fun of him for having the physique of Puck and he was making fun of me cus my comics were all full of “Zor Cycles and Zoobilee Shafts”. Of course my immediate reaction was to draw a Zor Cycle (and there may even be a Zoobilee shaft in Wonton 2).

That basically sums up my entire creative process for every comic I’ve ever done.

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15 Responses to Nomad of the Domes

  1. Jaxomatik says:

    Man these are sick

    • Winter says:

      Brnliialce for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.

    • Tks for comments S,how do you arrive at the conclusion based on the definitions that you cite that "If all these definitions are taken into consideration, “bioavailability” should come under “efficacy”." if increase in bio-avialability has no further impact on the curative impact of drug (including reduction of toxicity), why should it qualify?

  2. Giggle-and-splooge says:

    Your stuff is insane.
    I like how Akira esc that “Nomads Of The Domes” title look’s.
    I was wondering if i could ask you what you use to ink with?
    And if it’s something micron’s what sizes you use??
    Anyway keep up the awesome work man.

  3. Klovharu says:

    Man, if I butchered and ate my own gene mule, I’d be sensitive too.

    See, whenever I heard talk of the infamous Zor Cycle, I imagined a futuristic motorcycle made of organs. Go figure!

    (I picture the Zooblie Shaft the same way, actually.)

    (And come to think of it… God?).

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  6. Douglas says:

    This is amazing. That wall flip maneuver is insane.

  7. Dominic says:

    Madly beautiful. Makes me want to color.

  8. Bogiebum says:

    I love this. That you can come up with something as cute and loveable as Geezie and put her in the same place as something twisted and mental as a zor cycle is genius. I also love that because it’s a zor cycle it must constantly go “ZOR!”

  9. You’re crazy, you know that right? How do you create comics so well, so fast, so stunningly done? You have inspired me more than you can imagine

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