Unass my AO!

I’ve alluded a bunch of times to the Deep Jungle in Orc Stain, but have never had the chance to actually show it. So here’s a younger One-Eye mucking through the deep with a gang of rough n’ ready jungle commandos who will be key players in future issues.

I got quite a bit of inspiration from Vietnam war photography for this, especially from shots of the Kit Carson scouts. Fantasy and ‘Nam are an odd mix, so this first stab didn’t come out quite how I would’ve liked it to but it’s a start. I’m pretty excited to mix that hard edged war aspect into Orc Stain once we hit the jungle issues. Orcish napalm…? Nymph Air Cav? Hmmm…..

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3 Responses to Unass my AO!

  1. Fnic says:

    How about orcs on a PCP equivalent brutally killing, raping and pillaging?

    Oh… That’s just the everyday orc life… But napalm sounds good. Nothing like the smell of dyed concentrated orc urine in the morning though!

    I would like to see an orc patient enough to apply torture to get information without pre-emptively killing the victim…

  2. Aviv says:

    great details on this one

  3. bmarch says:

    WOW. WOWWY WOW WOW. This has GOT to be made into a full-size poster! All the little intricate details and shadings…AWESOME TWISTED FUNNESS!!

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