Strangest of Tales

Robot 6 just posted a preview of the newest issue of Marvel’s Strange Tales, which will be flouncing on well toned legs into stores this December 8th. I’ve got a four page Silver Surfer short in there, along with many other wonderful people, including my boy Michael Deforge. Check out  page X-men page in the preview above… that boy has got the music inside him. Anytime you see something sweating/dripping profusely in Orc Stain, it’s just because I’m valiantly trying to rip him off.

This happened on to my lap the other day and made me all misty eyed…

That’s the Orc Tzar permanently etched unto Nicolas Rossert by Dennis Halbritter of High Voltage Tattoo. Infinitely flattering! Those don’t rub off!

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5 Responses to Strangest of Tales

  1. Daaaaave says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see this!

  2. inkstuds says:

    Shit son, that is tight!

  3. Fnic says:

    Can’t wait to see your take on the Silver Surfer!

    I’m glad you like my tattoo, and it might be flattering, but honestly, in the end, the pleasure is all mine.

    I’d been saving up and waiting for 3 years to finally see Dennis Halbritter in LA at High Voltage tattoo. Dennis did an amazing job and he was worth all the waiting and saving up!

    My webcomic (as opposed to my portfolio) is:

  4. Fnic says:

    Sorry… I have slippery fingers…

  5. t-bone says:

    yo, just from that one image above, i’m gonna go ahead and say that you need to be writing/drawing a silver surfer monthly for marvel. if they were smart, they’d offer you the big $$$ right away. super dope, dude. can’t wait to see all four pages.

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